Stop by our new, purpose built Marina. With Marine fueling options and highly trained staff, we aim to provide you with an enjoyable marine experience.

There’s a new, purpose built Marina in town in Texas, right here at Cypress Coast recreational park. Featuring 400 linear feet of docking space built to accommodate any sized boat and with a depth at a minimum of 4.5 feet, we will offer not one, but two primary docking areas to service the boating traffic! One docking area will be situated within a slip off the river for more private use and the other docking area will be situated along the river itself for ease and convenience.

Two boat ramps will be integrated into the marina, which will be available for public use. One will be used primarily for larger boats and pleasure craft and the second will be used for smaller boats and water sports engines such as Jet Ski’s. The cost of boat ramp usage is $5.00. There will be a store located next to the marina as well, selling food, drinks and other small items for you to take away with you on your trip.
The most attractive feature of our marina is that we will be offering marine fueling options. The nearest fueling marina is a 30 minute boat ride away so we will be providing convenience not only for our patrons, but for the local avid boater as well. We aim to not only distribute fuel, but to operate, maintain and manage marine fuel facilities to give you a safe, enjoyable marine experience.

Our staff are highly trained in safety procedures; we ensure that they receive similar training to that of an expert lifeguard, so you can have the peace of mind of a safe marine experience with us. We value your trust and will go the extra mile to make sure that you’ll want to do business with us again and again and return for another friendly visit to our stunning facilities.