Come and visit our 500ft long, white sand beach. It is the safest, cleanest, most beautiful beach in the whole of Texas! When you think of a Houston beach, think of Cypress Coast.

When you pack up your bags in the morning, getting ready for a typical day at the beach, think twice before you make that long trip to the medium sized stretch of sand an hour away and avoid that small, overcrowded, local beach that always leaves you in a bad mood. Consider this instead; spend a day with us at Cypress Coast and experience our big, beautiful, clean beach for yourself. With an entrance fee of only $12.00 you won’t regret the decision to spend the day with us, we guarantee you’ll never head to another Texas beach ever again!

We have worked hard to create a 500ft long, white sand beach that is not only the largest in the surrounding area, but the safest. We have installed a berm (a raised bank typically used to segregate off canals) to ensure that the river is completely separated from the swimming area, creating a safe environment for all of our visitors. Whether it’s peace of mind as a parent that your children can swim safely without the danger of the river current or peace of mind as a boater that no stray swimmers will come your way, safety is our main priority. We plan to install a designated area of shallow water for smaller children and less accomplished swimmers to play in too, ensuring that we have thought of a way to safeguard everyone that is using our facilities.

Visitors will have access to such beach facilities as shaded areas and regularly maintained restrooms and changing cabins, on site lounge chairs (with the option to bring your own), umbrellas, beach sports facilities (i.e volleyball nets and goals for soccer) and portable bbq pits to ensure that, whatever kind of day you plan to spend at the beach, it will be a unique experience to you and your friends and family, and day to truly remember.